Annual Report 2014-15

Major donations are summarised below. The donation amounts shown are in Australian dollars for this financial year. When a project or organization has also been supported in previous years, the total amount donated to date is also shown in parentheses.

In November 2014 we made a special donation of $100,000 to support charities in the fight against Ebola. See our Make Ebola History page.

From this year on we decided to move the majority of our giving from June to July. The effect is to make this year's donations seem smaller, as some giving moves out of the 2014-15 year and into the start of 2015-16. In fact, counting the standard donations shifted into the first couple of weeks of July 2015 together with the special extra Ebola donation, this year's giving was the most ever.

New recipients this year are:

Total this year:

($2,989,239 to date)

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